Most people who want to hire a ghostwriter are only concerned about the value they can expect (price versus quality). There is, however, a lot more to it than that. If you ever tried to employ a freelance writer before, you may have come to realize that.

1 Should you outsource your writing? Maybe.

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A practical guide to working with a ghostwriter – Click Here or on the picture to download it directly.

Many bloggers and business people are unsure about outsourcing their writing – as opposed to doing it themselves. In addition to that, working with someone you have never met can be challenging.

Click Here to view 8 different situations that warrant outsourcing your writing – or click on the picture to read more about the challenges of working with an outsourced writer.

2. My story

As a ghost blogger and blog copywriter with a colorful past, a fortunate chain of events enabled me to combine working experience and life experience with my capacity for verbal expression.

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3. Why would you hire me – of all people?

Some ghostwriters are dirt cheap – others charge a small fortune (really – rates vary from $1 to $400 or more per blog post). Why would you want to hire me of all people?

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4. Happy clients

As a ghostwriter, most clients prefer not to admit they used you – but here are a few recommendations/testimonials – copied from my LinkedIn profile (you will need to log in if you want to view the originals on Linkedin).

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5. Writing services

Hire an experienced South African ghostwriter – for discreet and anonymous, sensibly priced blog writing services (and more). Choose from a wide range of writing services including articles, blogging, SEO content writing, ebooks, ghostwriting, product descriptions and social profile writing.

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6. Rates

View my basic rates for ghostwriting services, all of which are indicated in USD. These include rates for writing informational content, copywriting, SEO writing, and ebooks. A deposit of 50% is payable up front for all jobs unless we have a standing arrangement, or – in the case of ebooks – you prefer to pay per project section completed.

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7. Terms of service

As a freelance blog writer and ghostwriter, experience forced me to learn the hard way. The terms and conditions were put into place not only to make my life easier, but also to ensure the best balance of quality and cost to you, the client.

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8. Let’s talk

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or ghostwriting requests. Due to time zone differences, my response may take up to 12 hours.

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